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My wife and I enjoyed good sex and my wife loved to eat dick and swallow my come. I had suggestws to my wife that I would like to watch her fuck other men but could never get her to commit. One day we were invited to attend a party given by a friend of mine. I knew my friend was into swaping and when we arrived at his house we were introduced to another couple. The couple was a blond woman about 3...


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Mia and I had been married for eight great years. Mia was 19 and I was 20 when we got married and neither of us had very much experience with sex before we were married. The first few years of our marriage was spent learning together about sex and what turns each other on. But as the years past it seemed like we had tried and done almost everything that two people could do sexually. Although even...
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Wanda and I have been married for 30 years and have always been faithful to each other. We also enjoy fantastic Sex at least 3 times a week. Sometimes I think she will wear me out, but I enjoy every minute of it. Lately, we have been watching a few XXX interracial movies at home and find that we both are astonished at the size cocks some of these black men have. I started visualizing Wanda being f...
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My husband Dennis had been talking about swinging for some time, I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, as I kept telling him I thought it would be better as a fantasy rather than bringing it to reality, boy was I wrong. I finally gave in to his request and we decided to attend a new swingers club that had just opened in Sydney. When we arrived at the club the hostess suggested we have a look ar...
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Wanting to share the first hot, sunny weekend of the summer with friends, we invited a couple over that we have known for years. We have talked openly, but nothing further than that. Upon the invitation, we learned that their kids were going to be at grandparents. I seized that opportunity to make the same arrangements for ours. We were due for just being around some friends for a change. Preparat...
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Talk about exciting! We waited for Jim to get there to begin my wife s first sexual adventure in our new lifestyle. We had met him the previous week and had remarkably hit it off immediately. After several drinks the conversation turned, as it usually does, to sexy things. We quickly agreed to have him visit us at the house the following Friday night. This was that night! Kathy had decided to we...
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Hi! I am "A" and my wife is "S". I love my wife very much and fuck her very often. My wife likes me to suck her pussy and I too have developed a maddening taste for her pussy. Her pussy is broad and dark but quite sexy. Her mound is well formed and in erotic mood her clit grows in size and is very stiff and is highly sensitive to touch. I manipulate her pussy with my fingers also and the...
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Well it all staryed here on, AFF. I hooked up with a couple via email first then tried to set up a time to meet but it always fell through. So we started chatting by phone and we got a good vibe off each other and we decided again to meet up, but something always screws it up. So the husband said they only have time during the mornings due to thier work schedule and i only have afternoon and night...
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Once my wife and I went to the Club mediterranee in Eilat for vacation. Early in the morning I went to the tennis courts to try and find a partner to play with. I was lucky to find a french guy who played very well and we played two sets. After the game he said let's have a shower before going to the pool. While taking the shower I noticed that this guy has a very small cock, it looked like...
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I am 45 years and my hubby 56 years.Last year we went to london with a view to have a swinging experience.We could not find any contact or a place to go.My hubby left me alone in the room and told me to wait as he was going to bring a male escort for her.So that she could have an experience and he would watch it.After an hour or so there was a knock at the door and as i opened it.There w.
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